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The Gare de Lyon (Lyon Station), officially Paris-Gare-de-Lyon, is one of the six large mainline railway station termini in Paris, France. It handles about 90,000,000 passengers every year, making it the third busiest station of France and one of the busiest of Europe (...)

About Moving to Lyon

Lyon, the capital city in France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, sits at the junction of the Rhône and Saône rivers. Its center reflects 2,000 years of history

Founded by the Romans, with many preserved historical areas, Lyon is the archetype of the heritage city, as recognised by UNESCO. Lyon is a vibrant metropolis which makes the most out of its unique architectural, cultural and gastronomic heritage, its dynamic demographics and economy and its strategic location between Northern and Southern Europe. It is more and more open to the world, with an increasing number of students and international events.

The city itself has about 480,000 inhabitants. However, the direct influence of the city extends well over its administrative borders, with the population of Greater Lyon (which includes 57 towns or communes): at about 2.1 million. Lyon and its metropolitan area are rapidly growing and getting younger, because of their economic attractiveness.

Lastly, remember that home is what you make of it and if you need assistance organising your relocation then give the team at Pollards a call. We specialise in taking the headache out of the moving process, so you can focus on more important things, like getting acclimatised to your amazing new city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. When should I arrange a quotation?

It is never too early to make a start but it is important not to leave your search for an international relocation company until the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to arrange relocation quotations. Two to three months in advance will allow yourself sufficient time to obtain competitive quotations from professionals, and finalise all of your arrangements in good time.

Q. How is the cost calculated?

At Pollards we realise that no two relocations are the same, so your quotation will be specifically tailored to your individual requirements. Removal costs by road and sea freight are calculated on the overall volume of goods for packing and shipment including labour, vehicles, materials and time. The volume is calculated by multiplying the length, breadth and height of your items and gives you a total volume in cubic feet. Air freight consignments are calculated on either the actual gross weight or the volume weight of the goods. All Air freight consignments will be weighed at our depot to verify the actual gross weight. Your quotation will exclude any import duties or taxes due in various countries, quarantine examinations if ordered, or storage charges incurred.

Q. How long is the removal quote valid for?

Our quotations are valid for 28 days.

Q. What does the quote include?

  • New packing materials
  • Delivery of cartons for owner packing of any specified items
  • On site packing and export packing by our trained professionals
  • Crating of precious, valuable and fragile items.
  • Preparation of all export documentation and all import documentation for the completion of Customs clearance.
  • Removal from your UK address and delivery to UK port/airport of departure
  • International shipment to arrival destination port/airport, including port charges
  • Destination customs and quarantine clearance (but excluding any incidental fees)
  • Delivery direct to store/residence, assuming good access and not above first floor.
  • Full unpacking of furniture and removal of discarded materials on delivery day as required.

Q. Do Pollards cover the whole of the UK?

Yes Pollards are situated in the heart of the country and with our central location the UK and Ireland is easily accessible for covering the entire region.

Q. Is there insurance available for goods in transit?

Pollards professional crews will always securely pack your belongings but it is important to remember that your goods will be traveling by ship, plane, truck or other mode of transport—each of which carries inherent risks.

For your peace of mind, we recommend you cover your goods under our Marine Transit Insurance to a sum equivalent to replacement value at destination.

Cover is available on professionally packed goods whilst in transit at a premium of 3% of the value you declare, upon receipt of your completed Insurance Proposal and payment of the appropriate insurance premium, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Cover commences from collection and continues during the normal course of transit until delivered to your destination residence or store. Cover includes temporary storage incidental to transit of not more than 30 days prior to shipment and of not more than 30 days following the arrival of the conveying vessel or aircraft at destination.

You can of course upgrade your insurance to cover extra days storage, owner packed goods, mould and mildew, please take a look Flyer Zurich

Insurance premiums are subject to Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), at the current rate. Please note that if you decline cover, we will rely upon our BAR Terms & Conditions (clause 8) in the unforeseen event of loss or damage, however caused.

Q. Are any items prohibited from my shipment?

Each country has its own restrictions; but as a general rule, the following items should not be included in your shipment:

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Pornographic Material
  • Foodstuffs, including herbs and spices
  • Adhesives
  • Ammonia
  • Bleaches
  • Chlorine
  • Detergents
  • Disinfectants
  • Dyes
  • Flammables
  • Gas cylinders
  • Insecticides
  • Mercury thermometers
  • Methylated spirits
  • Paints
  • Pesticides
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Pressure packs
  • Thinners
  • Items made from endangered animals
  • Unprocessed furs, skins
  • Plants, dried flowers, bulbs, seeds
  • Soil or sand of any kind
  • Swords, spears, switchblades

Please note that the above list is a guide only and Pollards will be able to advise you further of all prohibited items for individual countries.

Q. What if I am shipping an endangered species requiring a CITES permit?

If you have any items in your consignment which may be considered an endangered species you will require a CITES permit. CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, an international agreement between governments to safeguard certain species from over-exploitation. The trade is diverse, ranging from live animals and plants to a vast array of wildlife products derived from them, including food products, exotic leather goods, wooden musical instruments, timber, tourist curios and medicines. If you are not sure whether a species is controlled by CITES you should check on the CITES website.

Should you need to apply for a CITES permit you will need to complete an application form (charges will apply). For specific requirements with the intended import country please visit the CITES website for more information. Please note we will require the CITES permit six weeks prior to your move date as we are required to present the permit at the port of departure prior to container loading, failing which the certificate may be deemed invalid and the item may be denied entry at destination, destroyed or returned to the UK at your expense.

Q. Can you ship my motor vehicle?

If you’re relocating around the globe and would like to take your vehicle with you it’s really not a problem. We specialise in the shipment of cars, motor homes, motor bikes, boats and caravans to all worldwide destinations. Your vehicle will be carefully stowed within a container and secured by retaining straps between the towing points or axles and floor mounted ring bolts and all wheels chocked. We have the knowledge, skill and experience to prepare your vehicle to provide the best possible protection throughout its journey.

Pre-shipment preparation service:

Your vehicle will be cleaned and valeted and we will complete an inspection check list as to make note of the condition of the vehicle prior to loading. We will isolate the battery in accordance with Dangerous Goods regulations. In addition we will place silica gel sachets in the passenger and luggage compartments to absorb moisture in the atmosphere. It is a maritime requirement that the vehicle's fuel gauge should register empty upon loading to the container, failing which you will be responsible for the cost of draining the tank and disposing the waste fuel.

Standard containers come in two sizes; 20' and 40' in length. While a 20' container is suitable for shipment of one car or 4x4, a 40' container provides sufficient space for two average size vehicles or one vehicle and your household goods. If you are shipping a motor vehicle with your household goods we will prepare, load and secure the vehicle and goods into a container at your home (space permitting). If the access is deemed unsafe for loading at your residence then we can arrange collection and load your vehicle and goods at our depot.

We can also arrange shipment by roll on/roll off car carrying vessels to certain ports, this option is far better for the larger vehicles like motor homes and caravans but can also be a more cost effective way for cars. Please note personal effects and spare parts are prohibited from shipment on roll on/roll off vessels.

We will require clear copies (PDF preferable) of the V5 Registration Certificate or Certificate of Permanent Export (if you have already notified the DVLA), your purchase invoice as proof of ownership, your passport photo ID page, your visa (if applicable), your completed Battery Disclaimer form and completed Vehicle Entitlement form. For a complete list of documents required refer to car documentation. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you have authority to import your vehicle, so if in doubt contact your embassy. We are unable to ship your vehicle without your completed documentation and payment.

For further information please ask our team

Q. Can I take my pets?

Yes we can arrange this for you through a pet transfer specialist

Q. Can I track my shipment online?

Yes online shipment tracking enables you to monitor your consignment whilst in transit.

Q. Do Pollards pack and unpack all my possessions?

At origin Pollards trained packing teams will expertly pack and wrap your goods ready for shipment. All your possessions are well-protected and perfectly safe throughout the entire relocation.

At destination, our agents will unpack your goods and dispose of any of our used debris from your new residence.

Q. Can I pack my own possessions?

Some countries no longer accept shipments that are packed by the owner for security reasons. In addition, any damage incurred to items you packed yourself may not be covered by transit insurance. Please note that owner packed items will be rigorously examined by the destination customs and/or quarantine authorities. We strongly advise that you let Pollards pack all of your household items and personal effects. All Pollards crews are professionally trained and have years of experience packing people's precious belongings.

Q. What happens to my things when they arrive at their destination?

When you arrive at your new location, you will be contacted by the local agent, who will coordinate the inbound clearance, confirm the status of the goods, organise a date for delivery and discuss any storage requirements.

Q. Will I have to be at the destination for my possessions to clear customs?

Many countries require your presence to clear customs on arrival of your goods, although some countries will permit you to nominate a representative to clear customs on your behalf. There are different rules in each country and your Relocation Consultant will be able to confirm the regulations for the country you are relocating to.

For further information please refer to the FIDI Customs Guides. Please note that the information provided is not definitive and is intended as a guide only. Destination regulations can change without notice and for specific guidance we strongly recommend that you obtain direct rulings from your destination customs authority.

If you are travelling on route we can arrange to store your goods and defer shipment to coincide with your estimated arrival date.

We’re here to help, if you have further questions you’d like to ask our experts. Contact us today on 0800 9750324 or drop us an email:


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