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If you’ve been searching for international removals companies, you’ve come to the right place. We specialise in both European and international removals.

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It's all about choosing the right company. At Pollards excellence comes as standard so move with confidence on your European or International Relocation.

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To move you stress free.

If you’ve decided to take the big step of moving abroad, it can be a more stressful experience than the usual move, so you need a removals company that you can trust to help you make it as smooth and stress free as possible.

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Move people and businesses outside of the UK

It might be just over the English Channel or a big move to Australia. We offer a fully integrated removal and storage service for anyone moving overseas.

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"We offer a fully integrated removal and storage service for anyone moving overseas."

Preparing For Your Move

To ensure that your move abroad is as smooth and hassle free as possible, there are certain things that you may need to arrange before your move. These might include closing your UK bank accounts or checking if these banks have overseas facilities, you can however use our facilities through our partner Currencies Direct for overseas money transfers https://www.currenciesdirect.com/aff/pollards.php

Also notifying utility suppliers and simple things such as packing hand luggage and valuables.

Likewise, before arriving at your destination, items such as passports and visas need to be arranged, and relevant bank accounts and utility accounts need to be opened. It is also worthwhile arranging transport options for when you arrive at your destination and assessing health care provisions for if the need arises.

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How Can I Get a Visa?

Entry requirements and the right to reside within specific countries vary considerably from country-to-country and state-to-state. It is important that people looking to move abroad ascertain which visa (if any) will be required to travel and reside in that country.

For people looking to reside within another country on a permanent basis, they will need to satisfy certain strict criteria. Usually, this involves placing an emphasis on the financial benefit that you will be able to bring to the nation you are planning to move to. The visa application will also evaluate any level of threat that you may pose to the security of their citizens.
For all countries outside of the EU, you will need to thoroughly research the visa requirements in advance and will need to understand the types of visas that are available and what the requirements are for qualifying for one of these.

To find out more information we recommend you use the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) website: http://www.fco.gov.uk. which provides a convenient directory for all embassies and high commissions, plus a wealth of other vital advice and information that will be beneficial as you explore your options for relocation.

Why Choose Our Company?

At Pollards we realise the stress involved in moving to another country. That is why we provide a thorough removal service for people moving abroad, whether it is within the European Community or to countries outside the European Union, where visa and travel regulations may create problems.

Our team of specialist international moving agents are capable of organising and handling every detail of your overseas house removal with the utmost care and attention. Your international removal agent will also handle all practical matters, including details of import documents, customs clearance and delivery.

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